In this game, you are a robot exploring the world and shooting bad guys. It's pretty simple and straightforward but it has some really neat features that...

About Forebloomed

In this game, you are a robot exploring the world and shooting bad guys. It's pretty simple and straightforward but it has some really neat features that set it apart from other games in the same genre. The first thing that stands out about this game is how colorful and crisp everything looks. The art style is very unique with these strange, almost cartoon-like characters that look almost like beetles or something with giant horns for antennas. There are a lot of colors used which makes it very visually appealing. The second thing you'll probably notice is how fast-paced it is. You don't have any time to sit around - if you want to survive you'll need to be constantly moving and shooting enemies as soon as they appear. And last but not least, you'll see there's a lot of strategy involved because some of your upgrades will have special properties based on the colors you choose while leveling up your

Forest of Forebloom is a 2D exploration and action game with survival elements. The player is being inserted into the skin of a scientist working on researching the mysterious phenomenon of “fore blossoming” in an isolated forest. This is an end of world scenario where mutated plants are taking over everything, destroying what little remains human. But this place, called Forest of Forebloom, presents a unique opportunity for research. Once you enter the forest, your task is to explore it as much as possible while gathering as many resources and knowledge on the flora and fauna that lurk inside. In order to do that you must upgrade your character, unlocking new abilities such as running, double jumping etc., find better equipment and destroy every plant that gets in your

The year is 2078, and catastrophic floods have destroyed most of the world’s arable land. New strains of viruses have mutated from the flooding, attacking both plant and animal life, transforming forests into poisonous wastelands. You are an agent of The Archaic Revival, a secret society working to bring back pre-industrial plants by breeding new strains with natural resistance to the new strain of viruses. You must explore, collect, upgrade your guns, destroy mutant plants and explore further in this deadly forest if you want to Explore caverns full of secrets and danger! Fight increasingly challenging enemies! Collect ingredients to craft new upgrade your

Blue Horde is a 2D exploration and action game with retro graphics and gameplay. You will control a gun-toting character as you explore each level, searching for loot, upgrading your weapons, and destroying enemies. 《Blue Horde》is an action game with adventure elements and a heavy focus on exploration. Players will take control of a gun-toting character who must explore each area in order to find loot, upgrade their weapons, or unlock new areas. The game features retro graphics, a variety of different environments to explore including mines, forests and deserts, and several unique monsters to fight

In Orbital spaceship, your mission is to avoid the obstacles and destroy the enemies. In this game you need to control a spaceship and blow up everything in sight before they blow you up. You need to be fast and alert to save yourself from danger. The game offers upgrades like new weapons, shields, missiles etc. So keep exploring and shooting down those nasty

How To Play Forebloomed

Controls WASD = move Left-click = shoot E = interact with an object Q = ability T = retry Esc = pause You can change the controls on the setting menu.


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