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UConn has a storied history of pranking its own students. From leaving gerbils in a professor’s desk to releasing snakes in the school, students are...

About UCN Jumpscare Simulator

UConn has a storied history of pranking its own students. From leaving gerbils in a professor’s desk to releasing snakes in the school, students are constantly on alert for the next inventive and diabolical plan concocted by their peers. The latest prank was announced by the University on Oct. 11: UConn’s Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority will be converting their house into a virtual reality space as part of an upcoming event called This announcement was met with mixed reviews from the student body, but it wasn’t long before they found out that this VR space would also double as a horrifyingly realistic haunted house experience. If you have any information about these pranks or have heard any rumors about something coming soon to UConn, send an anonymous message to BENDERBot on

UConn New Hampshire is home to countless hidden gems. There are so many things about the campus that can’t be seen from the outside, and this is especially true for students who live in residence halls like East and West Campus. It’s no surprise, then, that students have found ways to turn their dorm rooms into underground hangouts with secrets galore. UConn New Hampshire Jump Scare Simulator is an escape room game that takes place in one of the school’s residence halls. It has been created by a group of UConn students who go by the name “The Cult //ENDENDEND//” – a secret society on campus known for developing strange events and activities around campus. This time they have gone above and beyond with a frightening game that simulates jump scare videos while you explore your dorm

UConors Jumpscare Simulator is a free and online game that can be played on the browser. This game is about a group of friends who are locked in the UConor’s haunted house during Halloween. The players need to help them find the way out, while avoiding the scary creatures inside. It’s time to put your bravery to test in this creepy and spooky game. We have bring you again another new and exciting game, this time it’s called UConors Jumpscare Simulator. In this game, you will be playing as one of the characters trapped inside an abandoned building during Halloween night. You must find your way out before you get caught by some deadly ghosts lurking inside. Let’s begin

UUCE Newest game is here! Ucn Jumpscare Simulator is a free and exciting game for you guys to play! The game features several scary jumpscares that you need to get past by finding the hidden objects. The game features more than 20 levels, challenging your observation skills as you try to find all the objects. Each level has different horror-themed background with creepy sound effects and scary music playing in the background. Let’s see how much you can handle? Come on, let’s play

Have you ever experienced the fear of jumping from your seat in response to a sudden noise? Probably not… Unless you’re a hardcore horror fan, that is. Most people react differently when it comes to jump scares and unique experiences such as these. Some find them extremely uncomfortable and others simply enjoy them for their entertainment value. But what about those who want to experience these moments on a regular basis? Well, just read

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